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The Finetec Precision Management team is focused on giving our customers high quality components to agreed schedules at a competitive price. This will be achieved with the application of lean principles to maximise value added operations within our processes. 

Justin Jennings

Workshop Manager



Finetec Precision have good controls in place throughout all processes. Our long term customer relationships are founded on our reputation of reliability. Our management system is based on the ISO9001 2008 standard and also implements the eight quality principles:

• Principle 1: Customer focus 

• Principle 2: Leadership 

• Principle 3: Involvement of people 

• Principle 4: Process approach

• Principle 5: System approach to management 

• Principle 6: Continual improvement 

• Principle 7: Factual approach to decision making 

• Principle 8: Mutually beneficial supplier relationships 





Q) Does the organisation use control documents to assure quality?

A) Yes, We have documents to control and record processes from initial enquiry and production.  Our production records are always available for you to audit and review.


Q) Do you have a design function?

A) No, whilst we are happy to work with customers on design of components, we are strictly build to print.


Q) Do you have an incoming goods inspection process?

A) Yes, all incoming materials are inspected for quality including documentation. All incoming materials are given unique batch numbers to ensure batch control and traceability throughout the process.


Q) Are measuring instruments monitored and controlled?

A) All measurements taken throughout the production are taken with instruments and gauges that are traceable back to national calibration standards.


Q) Do you have a system for dealing with non-conformance?

A) As with ISO9001 all non-conforming items are identified and segregated to eliminate risk of re-entering the production batch. All non-conforming items will be rectified or scrapped. Items that do not meet customer requirement will not be shipped to the customer without a customer agreed concession.

Q) Are you able to provide material certificates and certificates of conformity with each delivery?

A) We will provide a specific certificate of conformity for each delivery. We can also supply chemical and mechanical mill certificates when requested at time of order.


Q) Do you maintain quality records?

A) We will maintain quality records for a minimum of 5 years from the date of despatch. This will include customer correspondence, purchasing, manufacturing, calibration, inspection and certification records.


Q) Do you have a system for controlling customer supplied documents?

A) The status of customer supplied documentation will be verified at the time of order placement and order amendment. Customer supplied documentation will be archived at the end of each contract, and new documents will be requested in support of further orders.


Q) Is your organisation willing to accept an audit from customers/potential customers?

A) Finetec Precision are happy to accept customer auditors with prior appointment





We have been using Finetec as a supplier for 2 ½ years.

They never fail to disappoint - Quality products, on time at competitive prices.

Andrew Riste | Sales Manager | Metaltech Precision Limited, Chard.



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